Directions | WTC Seattle
a room with tables with wedding decorations and place settings



a room with round tables with purple and white place settings

a gathering of people sitting in chairs waiting for a wedding ceremony

a line of white spoons with a piece of sushi on each spoon

a bride and groom kiss in a room with people gathered to watch

a table setting with a bouquet of white and pink flowers

a red and white plate with sushi on it

a room of tables with wedding place settings of white, green, and black bouquets

tables with wedding place settings and a canopy in the middle of the room

a wedding ceremony with a gathering of people watching a bride and groom be married

two men kissing on a balcony at night under patio lights

a large table with blue and white wedding place settings facing a view of the bay front

a bride and groom dancing at night in a room with a dance floor

a line of white dishes with seafood in them

a room of round tables with purple and white place settings. two people are preparing food around the tables.

bride and groom dancing surrounded by people sitting at night

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