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What is the most interesting or inspiring aspect of your work right now?
We are opening the doors of Seattle Chocolates to the public for tours for the first time in our 25 year history, in January 2017. We are in the throes of getting this ready on many levels. The most interesting part for me is devising a program that will educate consumers on every aspect of cacao and chocolate, helping them understand what a complex and interesting substance it is – not just the guilty pleasure they’ve come to love.

What does being a part of the WTCSE community mean to you?
I have found that every time I get out of the office and talk to others in the community, I learn something new and obtain an expanded perspective on the world. The WTC attracts the best and brightest in our business community and makes the investment of time even more productive and enlightening. 

Jean Thompson, CEO and Owner
Seattle Chocolate Company

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