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It's All About Our Members

What is the biggest “win” in your company’s history - explain what it was, and what it meant for your business.
This win was not our biggest dollar contract – it was validation that we are putting something good into the market and it is valued. In the midst of providing outstanding service to help a client turn their dull-as-dishwater HR rules into a vibrant, expressive employee resource manual, the CEO reached out to ask if we could begin a second project, immediately. He asked 3C to facilitate an off-site meeting for his company’s senior leadership, beginning to develop their 3-year growth plan. He took his confidence in our content development services and translated it into his request that we apply our vision and strategic skills to help them plan, and then communicate, the direction they want to take the company. We love when clients put their most important needs in our hands and trust us to help them look great!

Describe your company culture in 4 words.
Passionate, comfortable, driven, friendly.

How would you describe your company in 30 seconds to somebody at a cocktail party?
We help leaders and their organizations connect with their most important audiences – in person, in print, and online. Our communications services help win customers, build partnerships, inspire and retain employees, and attract investors. We can help with developing the message in the first place and then finding all the right ways to express it, from memos to speeches to websites to events, from brochures and success stories to white papers, posters, and presentation materials.

Bryan Rutberg, Principal
3C Communications

I have been a member of the World Trade Center Seattle for a while now and I find it one of the best places to conduct business over lunch and to meet business colleagues. One of the best parts of being a member is meeting professional mentors and Seattle's leaders who help shape this city.

- Aaron Blank, President & CEO of The Fearey Group