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May Board Reflections



What is the most interesting or inspiring aspect of your work right now?

As Founder & Brand Ambassador of O Wines my job is to market and promote O Wines and the subsequent scholarships funded through the sales of this product across the Nation. I also contribute to strategic brand development, positioning and national partnerships.  I am most proud of my Opportunity for Success Scholarship students.  My passion is the young women I am helping.  My goal is to help as many young women go to college as I possibly can in my lifetime.  The generational changes and desires of these scholarships students inspire me each day to do what I do.  I really feel education is the foundation of our world...it provides "Opportunity"!

What does being a part of the WTCSE community mean to you?

I have always had a strong passion for connecting people who can share resources and create mutually beneficial relationships.  Being a part of the WTC has provided access to business leaders across many different industries, fostering an array of mutually beneficial networking & business opportunities. It is an honor to be a part of this leadership group who genuinely care about creating a stronger community.

Stacy Lill, Founder and Brand Ambassador
O Wines

What is the most interesting or inspiring aspect of your work right now?

Due to the sale of the company, I have just moved from Owner, President and decision maker to a consulting role.  The most interesting thing I am working on is “how do I fit into the new structure to help them achieve their goals.” It is intriguing to go from the ultimate decision maker to the person who really has little say! There are good people running the company so I don’t have to worry about them going forward. My biggest concern is, how do I fit in now!

What does being a part of the WTCSE community mean to you?

I truly enjoy being on the WTC board. There is a mix of highly intelligent and successful people that I am able to observe and interact with. I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge from them. The atmosphere at the World Trade Center is excellent for me to take my customers and sit and have a quiet conversation. It is hard to say how many deals may have been consummated at the Center, but I can tell you for sure none have been lost. Finally, the networking that is done there is amazing. Our business is dependent on meeting and knowing the right people. We find them at the World Trade Center.

Gary Beck, Expert Consultant - Retired CEO
Republic Parking Northwest

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