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Bob Bejan

Corporate Vice President: Global Events, Production Studios and Marketing Community, Microsoft

Bejan is responsible for the development, production and execution of global events and experiential marketing for Microsoft. In addition, he is responsible for the Microsoft Production Studios delivering hundreds of hours of programming and training around the world on behalf of the company. Bejan is also leading our work to train and develop our marketing talent and capabilities as well as nurture and grow communities across the company.

Bejan returned to the company in 2016 after a 12 year hiatus to pursue creative and entrepreneurial interests. Since his return, he has been able to effectively transform the events and experiential marketing practice at Microsoft from a patchwork quilt of teams and approaches to events and their execution, into a global marketing engine that works as an effective and strategic forcing function for corporate and executive narrative and storytelling. In addition, the centralization and standardization of the processes and approach have increased accountability for these events through integration with our Global Demand Center, decreased the investment required by Microsoft through the growth and development of a coherent sponsorship strategy and allowed us to increase our influence and quality control at the local execution layer.

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