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What is the most interesting or inspiring aspect of your work right now?
We are at an exciting time in human history with the arrival and rise of the global immersive technology industry, especially with Seattle at the forefront of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality innovation ("AR/MR/VR").

At IME Law, we focus our work at the intersection of immersive tech and traditional media, helping our clients bring bold ideas to life in AR/MR/VR, film, television, and video games, changing the way the world experiences entertainment.

The most inspiring aspect of working in this space is helping to create and shape the future, today.

What does being a part of the WTCSE community mean to you?
I am proud to live and work in a city that is known across the world as an established thought leader in innovation, and I have great appreciation for Seattle's long history of pairing creativity and ingenuity to stay ahead of the curve. I see these values reflected among the individuals and companies that comprise the WTC community, and am honored to join a group of leaders who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the ongoing advancement of our local economy and local communities. 

Jessie Irwin, Executive Director 

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