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Quickfire’s origin is a little odd. But hey, what isn’t a little unusual these days?

It’s the brain-child of frustrated, yet inspired, chefs. The incredible culinary talent at Bell Harbor International Conference Center and World Trade Center Seattle are used to creating exceptional food and beverage experiences, but with so much uncertainty this year, they are no longer feeding hundreds per day.

So what’s next?

They take their talents in a different direction to serve Seattle in the way that Seattle needs to be served. Enter Quickfire.

Quickfire brings a world-class hospitality approach and delivers it in the form of restaurant-quality meals that can be prepared from your own kitchen in just 30 minutes. Yeah, we know there are a lot of make-at-home meal kits out there, but here’s how Quickfire is different:

You’re getting a meal that’s been created with every detail tested and tasted by Chef Hans Reisinger.

Restaurant Quality

Because it’s chef-prepared, the meals deliver the flavors you’d find in a five-star restaurant with unique ingredients that only a true restauranteur could get their hands on. Plus, you’ll learn some of the expert tips and tricks chefs use along the way.

Fresh Flavors

Backed by major hospitality operations, Quickfire has access to the best bounty of the Northwest and ensures that the boxes are packed the same day they are picked up.

Conveniently Curated

Let’s be real; figuring out what to eat every day can be exhausting, and we all get sick of our own cooking. Quickfire takes that burden off your shoulders at least one day a week; all you need to do is swing by Seattle’s waterfront.

Multi-Course Meals

No empty stomachs here. Our boxes provide a serious meal with an entrée, sides, and even dessert.

Five-Star Affordable

When was the last time you had a meal for two in a five-star restaurant for $50? Can’t think of a time? Us either.

Designed for the Busy Lives

After opening your kit, your dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes. That’s faster than you can get a pizza delivered.

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